Free quote

Contact us and we will prepare a free service quote within 48 hours of knowing your specific requirements.

    Due to the very different needs of all our clients, we cannot set a rigid price list, but approximate prices are as follows:

    • Website and web application development:

    Prices for creating a business card start from 500€ and increase in case of complex websites, applications or online stores.

    • Website Hosting:

    Maintenance of a standard company website together with a capacious company e-mail account from 100€ per year.

    • Website Audit:

    Prices start from 200€. Price is adjusted individually depending on the size and structure of the page.

    • Creating and running AdWords campaigns:

    Prices from 250€. Price is determined individually depending on the number of campaigns, ads and budgets.

    • Search Engine Advertising:

    Positioning websites from 500€ per month. The main factors influencing the price is the popularity of keywords and competitiveness in a given industry. We provide our customers with assistance in choosing the optimal phrases.

    • Other Services:

    Prices are set individually depending on customer requirements.