The very different needs of all our customers mean that we cannot set a rigid price list, but approximate prices are as follows:

  • Web development:

Prices for creating an online business card with a unique graphic design start from 500 pln net and increase in the case of complex websites or stores.

  • Web Hosting:

Maintenance of a standard company website with an average audience along with a capacious company email account from 100 pln net per year.

  • Website Audit:

Prices starting from 100 pln net. The price is adjusted individually depending on the expansion of the analyzed site, industry, competition, etc.

  • Creating and running AdWords campaigns:

Prices as low as 50 pln net. Normally we charge 15% commission on the amount of the campaign budget, for larger amounts the price determined individually

  • Search engine advertising:

Single phrases from 30 pln net per month. The main factors affecting the price are the popularity of the keywords and the associated amount of competition in the industry. We provide our clients with assistance in selecting the optimal phrases under which your service will be visible in search engines.

In most cases, we begin to charge SEO costs for a site only after a phrase enters the top ten results. Our clients receive free access to a tool that monitors the progress of the work.

  • Other services:

Prices set individually depending on customer requirements.

For a customized quote, contact using