Site cataloguing

Web cataloging is the process of building links from web directories. In addition to large directories such as, or , there are hundreds of valuable directories on the Polish Internet to which you should add your website.

linksKeep in mind, however, that not every directory is worth spending the time and money to add an entry to!

The cataloging of each site looks different and must be approached with care, otherwise instead of the expected effect of increasing the visibility of the site in search engines, and increasing the amount of traffic to the site, you may find that you will see declines.

The website cataloging service offered by Web Systems includes analyzing the client’s site and gathering an appropriate group of directories specifically for it, and then adding the site to the maximum number of directories it can, taking into account the client’s budget. Finally, we create a report and send it to the client.

Cataloging, of course, the client can do it himself, but it is important to remember that success will be achieved by adding to selected, valuable site directories, and it is not worth following the principle of“the more directories the better“, because it can cause the opposite effect to the intended one.

Contact us if you are interested in acquiring links from site directories and want to outsource it to professionals.