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Website and mail hosting

All of our hosting plans are tailor made. We offer free domain names, 24/7 technical support, and our solutions to make your website faster, more secure, and best supported by experts.

We optimize our services by selecting the right type for each company.

What makes our web hosting unique?

Watch the video and see our services in practice, in action! Why is our speed, security and support better? Because we do more than other hosting companies. We have created our own proprietary solutions that better protect your site from hackers. We have invented new techniques that can make your site a hundred times faster than other sites. We have an excellent, fast, experienced, helpful support team which is a great value of our company. We have designed proprietary solutions for Joomla, WordPress, Presta and other popular applications. To develop your experience with these tools, we have created a special server, unique security system and speed, thorough instructions and free samples.

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