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At Web Systems, we provide comprehensive IT support tailored to your business needs. Our subscription model ensures operational continuity and process optimization for your company. We specialize in IT infrastructure management, offering expert support for servers, endpoint devices, and networks. Our proactive approach to IT monitoring and security allows you to focus on your core business goals, knowing that your technology is in good hands. We also offer strategic IT consulting to support your growth and efficiency. With Web Systems, you gain not only IT problem solutions but a partner who cares about your interests in the digital world. Choose Web Systems and focus on growing your business.

Web Systems Additional Services


To meet our clients’ expectations, Netventure is expanding its offer with additional services that enable full use of your company’s technological potential. Our additional services include:

Email Services and Hosting: We offer reliable and secure mail solutions and WWW server maintenance, ensuring smooth communication within the company and with clients.

– CRM and ERP Systems Implementation: We specialize in implementing advanced CRM and ERP systems that optimize customer relationship management, increasing sales efficiency and improving customer service. Our solutions are tailored to the specifics of each organization, providing the necessary tools for effective contact, lead, and sales opportunity management.

– IT Consulting: We offer professional IT consulting that helps our clients identify, design, and implement technological strategies that support their business goals. Our consulting services include analysis of existing IT infrastructure, recommendations for improvements, and assistance in selecting and implementing new technological solutions.

– Design and Installation of LAN Computer Networks: We create advanced designs for corporate computer networks and handle their installation and expansion, ensuring a robust and scalable infrastructure for your company.


With Web Systems, you gain not only advanced IT support but also access to a range of additional services that enable the full digitization of your business. Contact us to find out how we can support your business in an even broader scope.

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Comprehensive IT Support:


Linux Server Administration: We provide full management and maintenance of servers, ensuring their stability and security.

PC, Notebook, and Mobile Device Management: We offer support for all types of endpoint devices, ensuring their continuous updating and protection.

Printer and Other Peripheral Devices Management: We keep peripheral equipment fully operational, minimizing downtime.

Router, Bridge, and Network Device Administration: We ensure the reliability and optimization of the company’s network.

Computer and Telephone Network Management: We provide full support for network infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, and telephone networks.

Continuous Remote Monitoring of Key IT System Components: We continuously monitor systems to respond quickly to any irregularities.

Data Archiving (Backup) Activities: We regularly create backup copies of data to protect against loss.

IT Solutions and Technical Support


Antivirus Protection Activities: We offer comprehensive antivirus solutions to protect against threats.

User Support (Helpdesk): Our team is available for technical support and assistance with IT problem resolution.

IT System Failure Removal: We respond quickly to any incidents, restoring system functionality.

IT Consulting / Advisory: We assist in planning an IT strategy that supports business development.

Support in Implementing ERP and CRM Systems: We assist in the implementation and configuration of complex management systems.

Representing the Client with Equipment Suppliers and Warranties, and Services Related to IT and Telecommunications: We act on behalf of the client, negotiating the best conditions.

Post-Warranty Repair Event Management: We coordinate repair processes, ensuring a quick return to full functionality of devices.

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