SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting optimizes content for search engines. Using SEO increases website traffic, attracting more visitors who read and engage with the content. Climbing the search rankings is the goal of SEO.

Here are 10 tips on SEO, especially what is known as the new SEO.


  1. The length of posts and articles matters. Texts with 1500 or 2000 words achieve high positions in search engines. Articles should be well-written and cover the topic in detail. Although Google does not count words, it pays attention to the quality and unique character of the text.
  2. Use the language of your website’s users (visitors).
  3. Focus on terms that can attract a larger group of users – for example, in a weight loss text, use the phrase “how to shed excess pounds – tips for men” instead of “weight loss”. Fewer people have written on this topic, there is less competition, and therefore using the above phrase will ensure success for the copywriter.
  4. Optimize titles, but use the same phrases, for example: “10 tips on how to lose excess pounds for men”, “How to lose excess pounds day by day – effective advice” or “5 tips for women over 40 – how to effectively lose excess pounds”.
  5. Work on descriptions. If the descriptions you prepare are interesting and sell well, you will get a large number of website visits. If not many people visit the site, then you need to better refine the descriptions.
  6. Use Google authorship attribution, a new feature that allows linking a website with an individual’s profile on the portal.
  7. Promote your own work. When publishing new content, you must promote it. Do not expect people to praise you on Facebook and comment by themselves.
  8. Create fresh content, do not leave the site dormant. Add new posts and information – readers are eager to learn about new things. They do not intend to read the same old information over and over again.
  9. Beautify texts. The text should be attractive and look attractive. Spend some time on inserting subheadings, write short paragraphs, use an attractive font, bold or italic to draw the reader’s attention. The text should be interesting and look beautiful, both its interior and visual layer should be equally appealing.
  10. Improve the quality of your work. The credibility of the text, reliance on known facts and data, sharing information on social media, and outpacing competitors, which you win, affect its quality.

The above tips may seem uncomplicated to many people. However, many webmasters do not follow them, and that is a shame. These are such easy tips that implementing them does not require much effort, yet they can improve the quality of your website. Do not forget about them, and you will quickly see remarkable results.

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