Website Audits

An SEO audit is a thorough analysis of a website. It allows you to check how well the site is adapted to the requirements of search engines.

To conduct the analysis, algorithms are used that need to be frequently updated, as newer versions are constantly being released.
The analysis of the service allows for the detection of errors that prevent proper indexing in search engines and describes the elements that need to be improved.

After conducting an audit, a professional company compiles the audit findings and suggestions for solving problems. It also provides guidelines on what changes should be made. Sometimes this involves changing the HTML code, linking, layout of the template. New solutions are sometimes also formulated.

The scope of the audit is most often described in the contract with an interactive or SEO agency, and usually includes meta tags, site structure, internal linking, URL construction, time needed to load the page. Sometimes it also examines whether a given site is accessible on mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, it assesses the construction of new landing pages, evaluates additional features in the service. It also checks the profile and quality of incoming links. The audit is often a free service, offered as a supplement to a positioning contract.

However, an SEO audit primarily focuses on the irregularities that prevent the site from achieving high rankings. The analysis indicates the cause of such a state of affairs and also allows for proposing solutions. An SEO audit is worth conducting regularly, as it allows for adjusting the website to the latest standards and increasing the number of visits to the site. In commercial companies, more frequent visits to the SEO site can increase product sales, the company will gain a larger number of customers, a professional image of the company will be built, knowledgeable in modern tools. Therefore, the prestige of the company will definitely increase. The conclusion can only be one: a professional SEO audit is worth the effort and should be conducted regularly, never on your own, but entrusted to a professional company.

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