How much does a website cost?

What happens between sending an inquiry and signing a contract? What affects the price and what are the individual stages of project valuation? We will try to answer these and other questions in the presented case study.

1. Sending an inquiry

The first stage begins when we receive an inquiry by email or phone at 501 231 448. At this point, it is worth briefly presenting us with your vision and requirements, as well as websites, pages, and stores that you like.

2. Contact from a specialist

The received inquiry goes to one of our IT service sales specialists, whose task is to obtain as much information as possible. At this stage, we establish a preliminary specification – the framework of the project that defines its scope and the estimated number of hours needed for implementation. In some cases, it is necessary to arrange a meeting, which greatly facilitates the discussion of project details.

3. Estimating the price

At this point, we already know which specialists will be involved in the project and together we estimate how many hours their work will take. Based on the information obtained from the employees, we can quite precisely determine how much time they will spend on its implementation, and therefore we are also able to determine its cost by summing up the number of hours and multiplying by the hourly rate.

4. Offer

The specialist who has been in contact with you so far prepares an offer based on the obtained information and sends it by email or presents it at a meeting. The offer contains a general approximation of the functionalities of the portal / application / store or website, which allows us to continue discussing the project.

5. Commencement of cooperation

After reaching an agreement on the functionalities and determining the final price, the client receives the contract for review. After any amendments and accepting them by both parties, the contract is signed (remotely or during a meeting). All previous arrangements are passed on to the project manager, who coordinates the work and is the main contact between the client and the team of specialists.

Now it’s just a matter of discussing details with the project manager (e.g., issues related to the appearance of the service or its color scheme) and waiting for the first results of our work. We value constant contact during the project implementation, which affects its smooth progress, in line with the assumptions and expectations of the client.

Example valuations

Due to the individual nature of each website, each valuation is made based on a specific specification. Below you will find example costs of creating different versions of websites, stores, and internet applications.


For a start-up company in the design industry, we prepared a simple business card website based on a dedicated, responsive template. The main goal of the site was to acquire business contacts and present the company's projects, as well as to allow the addition of new content by the company owner without programming knowledge. To this end, we used the easy-to-use CMS WordPress and adjusted the administrative panel to allow editing of most elements.

Cost of implementation: PLN 4,000 net + VAT

For a client in the financial advisory industry, we prepared a project for an extensive website. Apart from planning navigation covering over 30 items and a dedicated, responsive graphic template, the project included, among other things, preparation of a newsletter module, a complex investment loan service valuation form, a document repository, and support for 3 language versions. All elements were combined with a comprehensive administrative panel based on the CMS WordPress engine.

Cost of implementation: PLN 10,000 net + VAT

For a client in the construction industry, we prepared a store based on the PrestaShop platform. Our task was to design and implement a responsive, dedicated template and sales support elements, such as newsletter: registering abandoned carts, promoting the best product reviews, bestsellers, and a discount code system. Additionally, we introduced integration with the Allegro system and PayU payments.

Cost of implementation: PLN 15,000 net + VAT

For a client in the tourism industry, we prepared a comprehensive, dedicated web application serving as an advertising platform for owners of leisure facilities. The entire project was based on the Cake PHP framework, with an advanced administrative panel giving full control over the service, integration with online payments, reservation and availability modules for facilities, and a dedicated, responsive template. The entire project was created based on a detailed specification of requirements agreed with the Client.

Cost of implementation: PLN 20,000 net + VAT

For a client running a car rental, we performed modifications to an existing application that enables vehicle reservations. Changes included the graphic template, reservation steps, and eliminating errors related to User Experience. All changes aimed to increase conversions and prevent reservation abandonment during the process. The positive effect was achieved almost immediately after the modifications were introduced.

Cost of implementation: PLN 6,000 net + VAT

IT Support Packages

Do you need support with regular updates of your website? We provide professional IT care in terms of content updates, graphic preparation, and implementation of additional tools that improve the functioning of the website. Contact us for details.

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