is an advanced platform that uses AI technology to generate professional reviews of film and television scripts. It provides detailed analyses and tips for screenwriters at all levels of expertise, aiding in the refinement of their work. The AI technology enables quick and accurate assessment of elements such as narrative structure, character development, and dialogue, as well as the analysis of commercial potential.

The platform identifies strengths and weaknesses in the text, offering suggestions aimed at improving its quality. Utilizing a vast database of movies and series, the feedback is precisely tailored to the genre and specifics of the script, supporting creators in the development of their projects.


We create modern applications tailored to various needs and platforms. Our projects encompass both mobile and web applications, designed to enhance efficiency, streamline business processes, and deliver unique user experiences. We focus on contemporary design, intuitive navigation, and functionality that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users. Regardless of the goal - be it improving internal communication within a company, increasing user engagement, or generating new revenue streams - our applications are customized to specific business objectives.

Artificial intelligence

We create innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, tailored to a variety of needs and platforms. Our projects combine advanced AI technologies with mobile and web applications to increase efficiency, streamline business processes and deliver unique user experiences. Our focus is on using AI to create modern design, intuitive navigation and smart functionality that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding users. Our AI solutions are designed with specific business goals in mind - from improving your company's internal communications to increasing user engagement to generating new revenue streams - to provide maximum value for your business.


Our websites are striking projects that combine modern design, functionality, and optimization for the user experience. We design websites that focus on the client's business goals, whether it's presenting company services, building a brand, or generating leads. We aim to ensure that each website is unique, responsive, and tailored to the specific nature of the client's business, ensuring an attractive appearance and effective information delivery.