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Adwords campaigns: why is it worth it?

Broad reach, quick results, transparency, flexibility, full measurability.

About 98% of users in Poland use the Google search engine, which is also the default search engine for popular web browsers. Using the potential of Google AdWords you can display ads above the first places of the organic search results and thus instantly gain traffic and new customers.


AdWords is Google's advertising medium with the world's largest reach, which is changing and evolving. At Web Systems we manage AdWords accounts for small and medium-sized companies. If you do not have extensive experience in using AdWords, you have no chance to win with more experienced AdWords users. Why is it not easy? In theory, it is enough to choose keywords, place them in the campaign, create ads, set rates and budgets. In practice, there are still plenty of factors that affect the effectiveness of an AdWords campaign.


Adwords advertising can appear in a variety of forms: as text ads in search results and on partner sites, graphic product ads, image ads on partner sites, video on YouTube, and mobile ads in apps. Service product ads can be freely targeted and displayed anytime, anywhere, making it a huge variety of ways to reach potential customers.


One of the biggest advantages of AdWords is accuracy. Ads can be created to precisely reach a specific group of recipients, targeting them by gender, many and other criteria, specifying the message and time in the emoji of ads, locations and devices on which they will be displayed.


Many novice advertisers wonder about running Google AdWords campaigns on their own. It may seem simple at first, and there are tons of publications written about it on the Internet, but in practice it is not that easy. Very often it turns out that campaigns run independently by people who have no experience, not only do not bring the expected results, but generate losses.