How much does a website cost?

What happens between sending the enquiry and signing the contract? What influences the price and what are the different stages of project evaluation? We will try to answer these and other questions in the case study presented.

1. Sending a request

The first stage begins when we receive your enquiry by email or telephone at 501 231 448, at which point it is already useful to briefly tell us your vision and requirements, as well as the portals, websites and shops you like.

2. Specialist contact

The enquiry received goes to one of our IT service sales specialists, whose job it is to obtain as much information as possible. At this stage, we establish an initial specification - a project framework defining the scope of the project and the estimated number of hours needed. In some cases it is necessary to arrange a meeting, which makes it much easier to discuss the details of the project.

3. Price estimation

At this point, we already know which specialists will be involved in the project and together we estimate how many hours their work will take. Based on the information obtained from the employees, we can determine quite precisely how much time they will spend on the project, so we are also able, by adding up the number of hours and multiplying by the hourly rate, to determine its cost.

4. Offer

The specialist who has been in contact with you so far prepares an offer based on the information obtained and sends it by e-mail or presents it at a meeting. The offer includes a general approximation of the functionality of the portal / application / shop or website, so that we can continue discussing the project.

5. Cooperate

Once an agreement has been reached on functionality and a final price has been agreed, the client receives the contract for review. Once any amendments have been made and accepted by both parties, the contract is signed (remotely or at a meeting). All previous arrangements are passed on to the project manager, who coordinates the work and is the main source of contact between the client and the specialist team.

All that remains now is to work out the details with the project manager (e.g. the appearance of the website or its colour scheme) and await the first results of our work. We value constant contact during project implementation, which contributes to its smooth progress according to the assumptions and expectations of the client.

Examples of valuations

Due to the individual nature of each website, each quote is made based on a specific specification. Below you will find sample costs for the development of different versions of websites, shops and web applications.

IT support packages

Do you need support in continuously updating your website? We provide professional IT support for updating content, preparing graphics and implementing additional tools to improve your website. Contact us for details.